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I'm a self-motivated and eager individual working to become a professional Visual Fx artist. Currently practicing a full range of visual effects services including Houdini Dynamics, Armature Development, as well as Rendering and Compositing.

Marc Woodall (2018 Houdini Showreel)
Work In Progress (Updated: October 5th, 2018)

Both of the asset creation and armature creation resources learned previously are being devoured to produce an up-to-date showreel for 2018 and Side Fx Houdini. Coming from Maya with utility nodes and clusters, to Houdini with dynamic constraints and micro-solvers, this production features complex visual effects combined in a showcase of dynamic destruction and chaos each intertwined with one another. While it does however remain a work in progress, see the assets together above, or below separately.

Additional videos and downloadable files are linked below.

Sherman Mine Flail (Model & Armature)
High Resolution: (Approximately 771,874  Polygons)

Video File:


Currently a work in progress, this Sherman M4a3e8 directly reflects the improvised "Sherman Thunderbolt VII" armor of the 37th Tank Battalion. With the help and guidance of Simon Paul Mills, I was able to develop an armature that manipulates both utility nodes and clusters as well as joints and set-driven-keys, later combined to drive the tank geometry efficiently (initially produced in Maya 2015, but compatible with Maya 2018). Please reference the Dropbox file for early armature development. Visit the link below for more courses taught by Simon Paul Mills.




Sherman Mine Flail (Dynamic Simulation)
Low Resolution: (375 MB Simulation)

Video File:


After completing Rigids VI - Advanced Chains with Steven Knipping, I was able to replicate his dynamic cone twist constraints/network. I have continued to integrate sub-network grouping into the procedural chain links for further instancing along the mine flail rotor. I am currently working to produce condensed sub-networks for a more efficient and robust output. Chain link dimensions as well as other procedural variables will be driven by user input on the simulation control panel. Visit the link below for more courses taught by Steven Knipping.




Structure Destruction Simulation (Applied Houdini)
High Resolution: (5.34GB Simulation)

Video File: 

With the help and guidance of Steven Knipping, I was able to recreate his rigid body dynamics network. Using a non-destructive workflow, I have also integrated additional materials (both clay and brick) into the procedural construction/deconstruction. I am currently developing layered constraints for an additional wooden sub-structure as well. Structure/material dimensions as well as other dynamic variables are driven by user input on the structure control panel. Visit the link below for more courses taught by Steven Knipping.




Dynamic Instancing Simulation (Applied Houdini)
High Resolution: (39.10GB Simulation)

Video File:

With the help and guidance of Steven Knipping, I was able to recreate his rigid body dynamics network. Although the focus was rigid body dynamics, this simulation managed particles, volumes, and rigid body simulations for the final output. This entire procedural network is driven through a single bezier curve, which when updated, propagates throughout the dynamic simulations. Pieces of geometry manipulated advanced voronoi techniques (random boolean operations) and were normalized/instanced with a combination of wrangles (Vex).



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Visual Effects


Dynamic node networks for various effects are produced with a consistent & efficient approach using Houdini for an interactive procedural output.

Motion Graphics


Produced and developed in both Photoshop & After Effects, these motion graphics are created from expressions & key frames.



Both the node editor and script editor are manipulated to produce robust & reliable armatures in Maya. Also using complex controls for smooth animation.


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You're looking at the most recent uploads for Visual Effects, Motion Graphics, and Rigging! These videos will be continuously updated throughout to showcase the most recent progress and developments surrounding each project.


Toronto, Canada

Tel: 1 (647) 824-8548

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